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Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy (hereinafter also “Policy”) is intended to describe the management methods of the site currently available at with reference to the use of Cookies.

Cookies are packets of information sent by a web server (in this case from this site) to the Internet browser (hereinafter also the “Browser”) of the user / visitor and automatically stored by the latter on the personal computer or mobile device ( hereinafter also “Device”) used for navigation and automatically sent back to the server at each subsequent access to the site.



  1. General information on Cookies
  2. List of cookies used by the site
  3. How to disable cookies
  4. Interactions with social networks


1. General information on CookiesWe inform that by default almost all browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. Users / visitors can still change the default configurations at any time.Disabling or deleting Cookies may however preclude optimal use of some areas / functions of the site or compromise the use of the services offered under authentication.If users / visitors want to decide from time to time whether to accept cookies or not, they can also configure their browser so that it generates an alert each time a cookie is saved.The cookies used can be of the following type: (1) persistent, that is, which remain stored on the hard disk of the device of the user / visitor until their expiry (variable); (2) session, that is, they are not stored permanently on the hard disk of the device of the user / visitor and which are deleted when the browser is closed; (3) first party, provided directly by the website operator; (4) third-party, provided by parties other than the website operator (as a rule, a contract between the website owner and the third party).Cookies are used to: (a) facilitate navigation within the site and ensure its correct use; (b) facilitate access to services that require authentication (avoiding that users have to re-enter their authentication credentials each time they access the services); (c) for statistical purposes, to find out which areas of the site have been visited; (d) for optimal management of pages and advertising spaces; (e) to deliver content and advertising in line with the choices made by surfers (so-called behavioral advertising with dynamic creativity).Session cookies are used in order to transmit the identification of browsing sessions to allow safe and efficient exploration of the site. The session cookies used on this site avoid the use of other IT techniques that are potentially detrimental to the confidentiality of user / visitor navigation and are also used to improve the provision of the services offered.Cookies can belong to the following categories:(a) technical cookies: they are generally necessary for the correct functioning of the website and to allow navigation; without them the navigator may not be able to correctly display the pages or to use some services. For example, a technical cookie is essential to keep the user connected throughout the visit to a website, or to memorize the settings of the language, the display, and so on. Technical cookies can be further distinguished in navigation cookies, which guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website (allowing, for example, to make a purchase or authenticate to access restricted areas); analytical cookies, assimilated to technical cookies only when used directly by the site operator to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site; functionality cookies, which allow the user to navigate according to a series of selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service provided.(b) profiling cookies: they are aimed at creating user profiles and are used to promote offers in line with the preferences expressed by the same part of surfing the net.


2. List of cookies used by the site:




Time of cookie





_ga 2 years The cookie is used by Google Analytics to identify a user Third party analytical cookie (persistent) Google Analytic
_gat When closing the browser Technical cookie used by Google Analytics to limit the frequency of requests Third party analytic cookie (session) Google Analytic
_gid 1 day The cookie is used by Google Analytics to identify a user Third party analytical cookie (persistent) Google Analytic
_fbp 3 months Used by Facebook to provide a variety of advertising products such as real-time offers from third party advertisers First-party profiling cookies (persistent) Facebook
Fr 89 days Generated by Facebook, it contains the identifier of the browser and the user in encrypted form. EGV1 is not responsible for the content of this cookie and is unable to control it. Third party profiling cookies (persistent) Facebook
  1. How to disable cookies

Most browsers are initially configured to automatically accept cookies.

The user / visitor can modify these configurations in order to inhibit cookies or to warn that cookies are used on their device. There are various possibilities for managing cookies and, in this regard, the user / visitor can refer to the instruction manual or to the help screen of his browser to find out how to configure or change the settings on cookies. In case of use of different devices (e.g. personal computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.), the user / visitor must ensure that each browser on each device used is configured in such a way as to reflect its preferences regarding use of Cookies. Here are the links for disabling cookies of the main browsers:

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge



4. Interaction with social allows you to interact with social networks, or with other external platforms, directly from the pages of the site.The interactions and information acquired from this site are in any case subject to the User’s privacy settings relating to each social network.In the event that an interaction service with social networks is installed, it is possible that, even if the Users do not use the service, the same collects traffic data relating to the pages in which it is installed. Below is the name of the third parties that manage them, and for each of them the link to the page where you can receive information on the treatment and express your consent.Facebook: Info:



No user’s personal data is purposely acquired from the site. We do not use cookies to transmit information of a personal nature, nor are persistent cookies of any kind used, or systems for tracking users. The use of session cookies (which are not permanently stored on the user’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the session’s transmission of identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to enable safe and efficient website exploration. The session cookies used in this website avoid the use of other information technologies that could potentially compromise the privacy of the users and not permit the acquisition of the user’s personal data.

 What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files sent from the website to the person’s terminal (usually the browser), where they are stored before being transmitted again on the same website visited by the same user. A cookie cannot retrieve any other data from the user’s hard drive nor pass on computer viruses or capture email addresses. Each single cookie is unique to the user’s web browser. Some of the cookies’ functions can be transferred to other technologies. In this document the term ‘cookie’ refers to both cookies, as such, as well as all similar technologies.

We can have different types of cookies:

Distinction between ‘technical’ and ‘profiling’

Technical Cookies
Technical cookies are those used for the sole purpose of “carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary for the provider as an Company information service explicitly requested by the subscriber or the user to provide this service “(cfr. art. 122, paragraph 1, of the Code). They are not used for other purposes and are usually installed by the owner or operator of the website.
They mainly allow the normal navigation and use of the website (allowing, for example, to carry out a purchase or authentication for access to restricted areas); they are in fact necessary for the correct workings of the site as well as those that enable the user to browse based on of a series of selected criteria (for example, language, selected products to purchase) in order to improve the service.
For the installation of these cookies prior user’s consent is not required.

Profiling cookies
Profiling cookies are aimed at creating profiles related to the user and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences shown by the same part whilst surfing the net.
In the case of third-party cookies, the site does not have direct control of individual cookies and cannot control them (it cannot install them directly nor delete them). You can however,  manage these cookies through the browser settings (follow the instructions below), or sites listed in  “Manage Cookies”.
Consent is required for the use of profiling cookies. According to the measures, the user can authorize or deny the consent of installation of cookies through the options in “Manage Cookies” 

Distinction between ‘first party’ and ‘third party’
Cookies can be first or third party, where “first part” means the cookies that relate as site domain, whilst the  “third party” means the cookies that are related to external domains. The third-party cookies are inevitably installed by an external person, always referred to as “third party”, and not run from the website. Such persons may also possibly install first-party cookies, saving on the site domain their own cookies.

Distinction between ‘temporary’ and ‘persistent’
Cookies have a duration dictated by the expiry date (or by a specific action, such as closing the browser) set at installation.

Temporary or session (session cookies)
are used to store temporary information, they allow you to connect the actions performed during a specific session and are removed from your computer when the browser is closed;

Permanent (persistent cookie)
are used to store information, such as the name and password, so as to avoid the user having to type them every  time he visits a particular site. These are stored on the computer even after you have closed the browser.

List of technical cookies on the site

System Cookies
The site uses cookies to provide a better browsing experience; these cookies are essential for the proper use of the site. You can disable these cookies from your browser by following the instructions in the dedicated paragraph, but you will compromise your experience on the site and we cannot respond to malfunction.

Google Analytics
These are tracking cookies used for the generation of site usage statistics. Google Analytics uses cookies that do not store personal data and that are placed on your computer to allow the operator of the website to analyze how users use the site. This website has been Google Analytics anonymized, the options that consent Google Analytics to track users demographically have been disabled. To prevent the storage of the aforementioned cookies the user can follow the procedure available at the following link:


How to disable / delete your browser’s cookies
You can disable cookies on your PC at any time, by changing the Security and Privacy settings on the browser, but this may compromise site viewing.

Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

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