Founded in 1999, EGV1 proposes itself as a leading manufacturer of custom apparel for companies, teamwear and uniforms of high quality in the national and international level. We offer an unlimited variety of unique and customized items, diversified in shapes colours and materials.

We owe our success to a simple but essential philosphy: the satisfaction of our customers. We are proud to count among our clients some of the most important and valuable companies in their field.

Thanks to a long lasting experience in airlines’ clothing, we achieved exceptional results and we are able to provide assistance “turn key” to our customers.

The work process

I Study
``a whole world of inspiration” study and research of the traditional components of a culture to match the brand image with its land
The Idea
“sketch is the first step to show you our idea” all we do is to create your own fashion, personal and professional image
The Project
“we show you our ideas” presentation of the line through tables containing detailed technical studies of all the construction details of the garments
The Prototype
“production of prototypes of your choice” carrying out sampling for approval and changes with the customer

Teamwear & Private Label: customize your business…your passion!